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Frequently Asked Questions  

What is the Oral Certifying Examination?
The ABOMS Oral Certifying Examination (OCE) is an oral based examination designed to test a Board Candidate’s clinically applicable knowledge and judgment. The examination is made up of four 50 minute examinations that cover 4 surgery sections.


When do I begin my Oral Certifying Examination application? After you have successfully completed the Qualifying Examination you have three consecutive years to take and pass the OCE.


How much does it cost to take the Oral Certifying Examination?
Application fee $450.00
Intent to Take Examination and fee $2850.00

All fees are non-refundable.


Are hospital privileges required?
Yes, hospital privileges must be active throughout your Oral Certifying Examination application process and during your Diplomate tenure.


Does it matter what category of hospital staff privileges I hold?
The category of staff appointment a Candidate holds on the medical staff of a hospital does not matter as long as the individual has current privileges that permit him/her to perform core procedures in oral and maxillofacial surgery.


How do I submit my OCE application supporting documents?
Copies of your dental license and hospital privileges can be faxed to 312-642-8584 or e-mailed to Ms. Erin Elizabeth Killeen at eekilleeen@aboms.org.


Why do I need to submit a photo?
The ABOMS requires a photo for identification purposes to use on the day of your examination. All photos must be uploaded to the Candidates’s profile on the ABOMS website. The photo will be added to the Candidate’s badge which will be worn during his/her examination. ABOMS will determine the acceptability of the submitted photo and then make a final confirmation to the Candidate’s application.


Where is the Oral Certifying Examination delivered?
The Oral Certifying Examination is administered at a testing facility in Dallas, Texas.


The Oral Certifying Examination is given for a full week. Do I need to be there the entire week?
You will be assigned a date and session. Each day has an AM and PM session. All candidates are required to arrive in Dallas the night before their examination.


Where do we stay during the examination?
All Candidates must check into the Melrose Warwick hotel the day before their examination. Candidates are responsible for travel and room fees.


Can I change my assigned day for the Oral Certifying Examination?
Once you are assigned a date no changes can be made. If you would like to request a certain date you must contact the ABOMS administrative office by October 1st for consideration.




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