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Certification Maintenance  

Certification Maintenance has been designed to address one of the principal deficiencies of certification by examination (or reexamination), namely the measurement of the multiple attributes of a competent surgeon with a limited examination administered at a single point in time. Certification Maintenance was adopted by the Board in 2005 and exchanges a system of periodic recertification to one of continuous and ongoing professional evaluation. Certification Maintenance is a continuous process of learning,self-assessment and testing that proceeds over a 10-year period, during which Diplomates must fulfill specified requirements in certain years of the cycle. It is designed to affirm a surgeon’s continued competency after certification and contains four areas of assessment:

• Evidence of Professional Standing
• Evidence of Lifelong Learning and Self Assessment
• Evidence of Cognitive Expertise
• Evaluation of Performance in Practice

Fulfillment of the requirements of Certification Maintenance will promote a Diplomate’s participation in lifelong learning, allow the assessment of their expertise in clinical practice in designated areas, and quantify their ability to apply both their knowledge and experience in the current setting of oral and maxillofacial surgery practice. Certification Maintenance also verifies that a candidate is licensed to practice the specialty within a stipulated jurisdiction. Successful fulfillment of the Certification Maintenance requirement allows a Diplomate to maintain one's status as Board certified.

For more information, please download the Certification Maintenance Handbook.

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