The Future of Certification Maintenance

Sep 26, 2018

In January of  2020, the ABOMS Certification Maintenance will transition into its newest format.

The Certification Maintenance program will transform to a more interactive and engaging process while consisting with the existing modules: Evidence of Professional Standing, Evidence of Lifelong Learning & Self-Assessment, Evaluation of Performance in Practice, and Evidence of Cognitive Expertise.

Like the current CM model, only time-limited certificates are required to meet these standards. A process will be developed to accommodate Diplomates with unlimited certificates to participate in the program.


Evidence of Professional Standing (Module 1)

Each year, the Diplomate is required to complete his/her Annual Registration. This credentialing process will indicate whether a Diplomate has an unrestricted dental and/or medical license and maintains continuous hospital privileges that permits the OMS to perform core procedures in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Evidence of Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment (Module 2)

During the Diplomate’s Annual Registration, he/she will be asked to attest to having completed 20 hours of continuing education recognized by ADA CERP or AMA certified each year. The intent of this question is to ensure ABOMS Diplomates are continuously seeking information to provide lifelong learning.

In addition to the CE attestation, every year a Diplomate is required to answer questions based off two referenced articles (five questions each). He/she must achieve 100% before successfully meeting this component. The references and questions are available year-round and, if unsuccessful, a Diplomate can retake the self-assessment. ABOMS has gone to great lengths to ensure the articles are from sources that are accessible. If you have an article that you feel should be included in this list, please email the ABOMS staff for review.

Evaluation of Performance in Practice (Module 3)

During certificate years five and ten, a Diplomate must attest to having completed the Office Anesthesia Evaluation or alternative pathway by AAOMS and having completed quality improvement initiatives. The Board realizes there are numerous ways a surgeon achieves Performance in Practice and are currently generating a list of acceptable examples.

Evidence of Cognitive Expertise (Module 4)

During certificate years three, six and nine, Diplomate are required to complete questions based off two clinical case scenarios (ten questions each). All Diplomates must receive an 80%  to successfully meet this requirement. The cases and questions will be available year-round on the Diplomate’s profile.

The CM program is an ever-evolving process involving many facets. The Board is scheduled to present at the AAOMS Annual Meeting about the changes coming to CM. We encourage all our Diplomates to attend.