Qualifying Examination

Your First Step to Becoming Board Certified

Are you ready to start your journey toward becoming a Board Certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon through the only ADA-recognized certifying board for the specialty of oral and maxillofacial surgery in the United States? Your first step is to apply for and successfully complete the ABOMS Qualifying Examination (QE). 

The QE is a secure, valid computer-based examination administered to Board applicants to test their knowledge in central principles of the oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMS) specialty. The examination is made up of 300 questions covering 11 subject areas and is designed to test competency in OMS. An applicant who does not take or pass the QE within the two-year period will result in a void application.  

See the 2023 Qualifying Examination Handbook and the QE Blueprint for more information.

NEW! ABOMS now offers a Fast Track for senior residents. This allows those in their last year of residency to take the QE prior to graduating from their OMS program.  See the 2023 Fast Track Qualifying Examination Handbook for more details. 

If you require special accommodations, review the ABOMS policy.

Once you have successfully completed the Qualifying Examination, you will have three consecutive years to take and pass the Oral Certifying Examination


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Policies and Statements

Policies and Statements

It is important to support your ABOMS Diplomate credential with policies and statements directly affecting your certification.

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Oral Certification Examination (OCE)

Oral Certifying Examination

Have you successfully completed the Qualifying Examination (QE)? Learn more about your next step – the Oral Certifying Examination. 

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Do you have additional quesitons regarding the certification process? Reach out to ABOMS staff for more information!.

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