FAQ - Verifications

Verify a Board Status

Credentialing agencies and hospitals often have questions while verifying a Board status. If you have questions, look here to find answers to commonly asked questions regarding verifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions are still not answered, please contact the administrative office at (312) 642-0070.

A letter of verification is documentation on formal ABOMS letterhead confirming a doctor’s status with the Board.

The fee for one verification is $60.00.

This is not an error. The ABOMS letters of verification are current and use the most up-to-date information to determine the doctor’s status with the Board.

You can submit a verification request on letterhead. On the letter please provide the following information:

  1. Name and title of person requesting the verification
  2. First Name, MI, and Last Name for each surgeon you would like to verify
  3. Mailing address for where to send the completed verification letters
  4. A check made payable to the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, in the amount of $60.00 for each oral and maxillofacial surgeon included in the verification request

Yes, all verifications are available for 24 hours after the transaction is completed. After 24 hours, a new transaction will be required.

No, all verifications are $60.00 each.

Yes, you must re-submit a verification request if information you originally submitted was incorrect.

The expiration date is to indicate when a doctor must recertify through our Certification Maintenance Program. That date is not a guarantee of longevity of status. A doctor's status can change for numerous reasons, but our letters will only disclose whether or not a doctor is or is not certified

Verify a Board Status

Do you need formal documentation verifying a surgeon's Board certification status? Submit your request online or mail one in today!