Spring Board Meeting Recap

Apr 5, 2024

The ABOMS Board of Directors and senior staff recently concluded the Spring 2024 Board Meeting. The meeting was extremely productive and followed the pathway laid by the organization’s long-range planning meeting held in November 2023. The Board discussed the current and future needs of ABOMS which included constructive discussions regarding our strengths, resource avenues, and areas for improvement.

On the first day of the meeting, the Board of Directors reviewed committee reports as well as submissions from both Candidate and Examiner surveys that were conducted following the recent Oral Certifying Examination. The 2024 OCE was the 3rd largest administration ever and it ran smoothly! Over 5 days, 383 Candidates were examined by 90 members of the Examination Committee, and the overall pass rate for the week was 91%. Congratulations and a warm welcome to our new Diplomates!

Another topic of the meeting focused on the organization’s support of OMS resident training. The Board agreed to continue supporting the Fast-Track OCE pathway and discussed ways to modernize the OMSITE and Qualifying Examination. The Board also unanimously voted to assist the AAOMS Committee on Education and Training with support for OMS SCORE, the new national curriculum. 

Further discussion focused on multiple action items including the selection of the 2025 Examination Committee. The application process to become an Examiner is detailed and stringent and the Board of Directors relies on the appointed regional advisors to provide insights on applicants within their geographical region. These insights include information on the applicant’s professionalism, areas of expertise, and potential for positive contributions to the certifying process. Based on this information, the Board of Directors chose the 2025 Examination Committee including more than 15 new Examiners. We appreciate the commitment of our current committee members whose hard work and diligence have made ABOMS what it is today. We also look forward to the opportunity to work with the new committee members.

The Board of Directors ended the Spring Meeting with forward-thinking conversations which included innovative project updates and future ideas with the goal of keeping ABOMS contemporary. One of the discussions focused on ways to increase our collaborative footprint with other healthcare organizations. We look forward to continued success as an organization and appreciate your commitment to ABOMS!