What's the Latest with ABOMS?

Apr 13, 2020

What’s the Latest with ABOMS?


COVID-19 Updates

  • ABOMS Staff Working Remotely: Your ABOMS staff is of course working from home, but we are still here for you. While we can check voicemails remotely, it is fastest to use our email addresses. See our staff section below for contact information.
  • 2020 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery In-service Training (OMSITE) Examination: The administration of the 2020 OMSITE is delayed due to the unprecedented times of COVID-19. ABOMS has been in constant communication with Program Directors, residents and coordinators with updates. ABOMS plans to continue its administration at all Prometric Test Centers beginning May 1 and remain open until May 31st. If you have additional questions regarding the OMSITE, please reach out to Linh Vo at lvo@aboms.org.

NEW Timeline! 2021 Annual Registration

Each year, ABOMS normally collects Annual Registration from October through December for the following year. Beginning with 2021 Annual Registration (AR), ABOMS will be changing its timeline. Online forms for the 2021 AR will begin in January of 2021 and remain open through March. This means you will not be receiving Annual Registration notices, as you normally would, in the fall. More information will be sent later this year.

CAQ Applications Open

ABOMS now offers two Certificates of Added Qualifications (CAQ). ABOMS will be administering two CAQ examinations at the 2020 AAOMS Annual Meeting in San Antonio. The two CAQs ABOMS offers are:

  • CAQ in Head & Neck Oncologic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • CAQ in Pediatric Craniomaxillofacial Surgery

Applications are now open on Diplomate profiles through June 1. Visit our CAQ webpage for more information. 

Certification Maintenance

This is the first year of the new ABOMS Certification Maintenance (CM) Program. The Board of Directors eliminated its high stakes examination and replaced it with an interactive process that can be completed at the convenience of your own computer. If you have not yet completed your CM requirements, you still have until the end of the year to do so. Visit your Diplomate profile to view and complete your requirements. More information can be found on our CM page.

Qualifying Examination (QE)

Applications for the 2021 Qualifying Examination will open on the ABOMS website beginning in June. The Board recently approved a pathway for residents in their senior year of residency to begin the Certification process. More information regarding the process will be given in the next few weeks.

Oral Certifying Examination (OCE)

Applications for the 2021 Oral Certifying Examination will open on the ABOMS website in the beginning of June. The administration week for the 2021 OCE will be different than previous years. The 2021 OCE will be administered during the final week of February, February 22-26, 2021.

ABOMS Staff Contact Information

Erin Killeen, eekilleen@aboms.org
Executive Vice President

Adrianna Lagunas, alagunas@aboms.org
Contact Adrianna with questions regarding the OCE

Courtney Walsh, cwalsh@aboms.org
Contact Courtney with questions regarding Certification Maintenance

Katie Moore, kmoore@aboms.org
Contact Katie with questions regarding item writing

Raquel Kalfus, rkalfus@aboms.org
Contact Raquel with questions regarding Annual Registration or CAQ information

Linh Vo, lvo@aboms.org
Contact Linh with questions regarding OMSITE or QE

Edith Addo, eaddo@aboms.org or info@aboms.org
Contact Edith with questions regarding verifications, password assistance, or any other topics not covered above