Applying for the Qualifying Examination (QE)

The ABOMS Qualifying Examination (QE) is a secure, valid computer-based examination administered to Board applicants to test their knowledge in central principles of the specialty. The QE is the first step in becoming Board Certified. The examination is made up of 350 questions covering 11 subject areas. An applicant who does not take or pass the QE within the two-year period will result in a void application and will regain “Candidate” status upon successfully completing the Qualifying Examination.

How to Apply for QE

Application Requirements

  • Demographics and Application Fee of $675.00 USD
  • OMS Training Background
  • Verification of OMS Training
  • Photocopy of OMS Certificate
  • Photocopy of Current Dental Licensure
  • Photocopy of Government Issued Identification
  • Examination Fee of $1,600.00 USD

Re-Application Requirements

  • Application Fee of $675.00 USD
  • Photocopy of Current Licensure
  • Proof of 30 hours of Category I Continuing Education Credits
  • Photocopy of Government Issued Identification
  • Examination Fee of $1,600.00 USD


Ready to Apply? 

If you have taken the OMSITE or are retaking the QE, you may already have an account. Please log in to your account in order to apply. Select "forgot password" if you're not sure if you have an account set up. If you do not have an account, then you may create one using the same link above. 

Please note that the applicant’s name must match that of their government issued identification. The QE application fee will also be required at this time. Upon submission of demographic information and application fee, a confirmation email with sign-in information will be sent to the email address on file.

Examination Fee

Once all application requirements have been successfully submitted and approved, applicants are required to submit the Examination Fee and Intent to Take Examination to confirm participation in that year’s examination.

To learn more about the requirements for submitting a QE application, download the 2023 Qualifying Examination Handbook. For any current senior residents interested in applying, download the 2023 Fast Track Qualifying Examination Handbook.



Do you have questions regarding the QE? Check out our frequently asked questions section!

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Policies and Statements

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Our History and Mission

ABOMS has been in existence since 1945, serving as the only certifying board for the OMS specialty.

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